Mini Roulette — a Full Review & Casino Recommendations

At its core, roulette is a straightforward game of chance: you place a wager on a number or color and hope that your prediction will come true when the ball stops spinning. At the same time, its many betting options tend to confuse new players and enrage those who try to play it on a smartphone.

If you’ve been looking for an easier and equally thrilling alternative, iGaming developer Playtech might have something suitable for you — Mini Roulette. In this report, we’ll explain how this title works, examine its payouts, and show you some excellent casinos that offer it.

Mini Roulette
Made by Playtech
Number of Pockets on the Wheel 13
Special Features Simplified interface, smaller wheel, bet coverage meter
Betting Range $1-$2,000
OS Compatibility iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac
Mini Roulette made by Playtech

If you’re looking for a viable alternative, 3D Roulette is probably your best bet. After reading this review, you’ll know about the finest 3D tables, how they work, and where to play them.

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  • 10bet
    • ⭐ It maintains about 25 tables, including American-style, European-style, Lightning-style, etc.
    • 📞 24/7 Customer Support

A Breakdown of the Mini Roulette Rules

Mini Roulette has many variations of rules

As we stated earlier, all you need to do to play successfully is place a bet and spin the wheel. You win if the pill (that’s the official term for the little white ball) falls on an area covered by your wager.

But what’s the main difference between the traditional European, French, and American versions and this one? Well, the wheels and betting layouts of the first three are quite large. The EU and French variants have 37 pockets, while the US one has 38. By comparison, Playtech’s pint-sized title has 13 pockets. This doesn’t make the Mini Roulette rules all that different from the classic games, but it does reduce the size of the betting area by more than 60%.

As a result, the table becomes larger, which makes it super easy to place bets. By the way, if the ball falls on zero and you don’t have it covered, 50% of your wager’s worth is returned. Now, let’s see what types of wagers are at your disposal.

The Available Bets and Their Payouts

Straight-up — That’s the official term when you put money on a single number. If you win, the reward is worth 11 times your wager.

Split — It covers 2 numbers. For a successful placement, tap/click and hold your finger/mouse on the white line separating any two numbers. The payout is 5:1.

Street — In a similar fashion, this one involves three numbers and pays 3:1. Click on the line beneath 1, 4, 7, or 10. Mini Roulette also allows you to involve the zero in “street” combinations through the line that separates 0, 1, 2, and 3.

Corner — Wager on four numbers by tapping on the corner that connects them. 2:1 payout. The “Column” (“2 to 1” rectangles) and “Four” (lowest point of the boundary between the 1st row and zero) wagers are quite similar to this one.

Half dozen — See those “1-6,” “4-9,” and “7-12” zones in the picture above. Put some money there for a 46.15% chance of winning and an even-money payout.

Red/Black — You can also wager on colors instead of digits. A Mini Roulette casino will give you the same reward and winning chance as the “half dozen” option.

Odd/Even — Win 1:1 when you correctly predict whether an odd or even number will come up next.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Exactly 3.85%. This makes the title a better choice than American Roulette, which gives a 5.26% advantage to casinos. However, the European (2.70%) and French (1.30%) versions have lower house edges, so it’s better to choose them if convenience and accessibility are not issues.

No, we haven’t seen a live dealer iteration of this game, at least not from Playtech.

Yes. Hold the “Spin” button to open a menu that will set it up.

These limits only concern straight-up wagers. You can put up to $2,000 on bets that pay even-money.

Find a Mini Roulette Casino with Our List

If you’d like to take this title for a spin, you’ll need to find a secure, licensed, and reputable operator. Playtech supplies some of the largest online casinos in the world, but not all of them feature this miniature version of roulette. We did some research and located 3 awesome gambling sites that have it in store:, MansionCasino, NetBet (the "Vegas" section);

Each member of this trio greets new players with a fantastic welcome offer. They even have demo modes of Mini Roulette in jurisdictions that allow free play. Remember to play responsibly, and good luck!

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