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Live European Roulette is the most common type of roulette offered by live casinos, along with French roulette which is a close variation. You can play Live European roulette at Betway Live Casino which is powered by top software provider Evolution Gaming. In some online casinos like Betway, the game appears only as Live Roulette, and in others, specifically as Live European Roulette, in order to differentiate it from the rest of the games in the category, some of which may include French-style rules. 

Explore the game’s top features and learn how to play European Roulette at Betway Live Casino, including bet placement and mobile play, here:

European Roulette Game Features


Live European Roulette is Evolution Gaming’s core roulette game which features standard game rules and a common table and wheel set-up, with the wheel at the upper left end of the table. The game menu has a classic betting layout for inside and outside bets and a Racetrack for the so-called announced bets, both at the bottom of the screen. Special game features include a Favorite & Special Bets menu and enhanced Statistics menu. Players can place their bets on the betting layout or directly through the Favorite & Special Bets menu, Statistics menu and autoplay option.

Evolution Gaming’s European roulette may come in three studio set-up variations: basic with a standard wheel and table set-up in a table-populated casino-floor studio; a branded version with a casino’s name displayed on custom tables and background; and a VIP version with more exquisite setting and see-through partitions between the different tables. There's a variety of native tables so even if you don't speak English, you will find a game to join at Betway where you can choose from 15 different languages. Another casino offering multiple native options is bet365 with live tables available in 14 languages. You can read more about the native tables and other games in our bet365 review. For example, Betway has all three set-up variations and one native speaker table, with different betting limits for each option: Roulette (€ 1-5,000), Betway Roulette (€ 0.50-5,000), VIP Roulette (€ 2-5,000) and Deutsches Roulette (€ 1-2,000). In the next section, we look at the first one in more detail.

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Live European Roulette
Provider Evolution Gaming
Streamed from Evolution Gaming Studio in Riga, Latvia
Online Casino to Play at Betway
Special Features
  • Favorite & Special Bets menu
  • Enhanced Statistics menu
  • Placing bets directly through Favorite & Special Bets menu, Statistics menu and Autoplay option
Game Rules
  • Standard
  • No En Prison rule
Live Casino Bonus N/A
Wagering Contribution N/A
Betting Limits € 1 – 5,000
Table Limits € 1 – 100,000
Table Options
  • Roulette (€ 1-5,000)
  • Betway Roulette (€ 0.50-5,000)
  • VIP Roulette (€ 2-5,000)
  • Deutsches Roulette (€ 1-2,000)
  • single Latvian dealer
  • native German dealer for Deutsches Roulette, less frequent changes
Mobile Native App & In-Browser
Live European Roulette at Betway casino

How to Play European Roulette at Betway Live Casino

The betting layout for inside and outside bets and the Racetrack for called bets are positioned at the bottom of the screen. Below the Racetrack, there are options for opening a Favorite & Special Bets menu that saves up to 15 bets and features extra betting options like Finale en Plein, Finales A Cheval and Complete Bets; and a Statistics menu with three sections. The Statistics menu can be adjusted to display enhanced statistical results from the last up-to-500 rounds and features hot and cold numbers and a wheel chart with the occurrence of each pocket; % of each type of outside and called bets; and a grid with all numbers from the past sessions. Right next to Statistics, you can find an Autoplay button for repeating your previous bet. If you hover over the Racetrack and the Special Bets submenu, clarifications of the bet and required chip number appear. For an overview of all bet types, chip placement, odds and payouts, use our table below for reference.

All adjustable game settings are located in the upper right corner of the screen, including Switch View for multi camera, 3D or classic view; Show Chat function for following all virtual interactions between the dealer and other players; Settings for general, video and sound adjustments; and a few more options. You can chat with the dealer typing in at the chat box in the lower left corner. Winners are displayed in a classic Evolution fashion as a running stream on the left. You also have the option to pin a menu with betting limits and payouts for each individual inside and outside bet in the top left corner of the screen.

Placing Bets in Live European Roulette by Evolution Gaming

Inside Bets
Bet Name
Straight Up Split Street Corner Four Number Line Bet
Explanation 1 number 2 numbers 3 numbers 4 numbers 0,1,2,3 6 numbers
Where to Place Bet directly on the number on the line between any two numbers at the end of any row at the corner where four numbers meet on the line between 0 and the end of the 1-2-3 row at the intersection of two rows at the end of those rows
Probability Win 2.63% 5.26% 7.89% 10.53% 10.53% 15.79%
Payout 35:1 17:1 11:1 8:1 8:1 5:1
Outside Bets
Bet Name
Dozen Column Bet 1-18/19-36 (Low/High) Even/Odd Red/Black
Explanation 1 to 12
13 to 24
25 to 36
12 numbers
1 to 18
19 to 36 18 numbers 18 numbers
Where to Place Bet on the ‘1st 12’, ‘2nd 12’ or ‘3rd 12’ box  on one of the ‘2 to 1’ boxes at the bottom of the number grid on one of the two designated boxes on one of the two designated boxes on one of the two designated boxes
Probability Win 31.58% 31.58% 47.37% 47.37% 47.37%
Payout 2:1 2:1 1:1 1:1 1:1
Bet Name
Voisins du Zero (‘Neighbors of Zero’) Tiers du Cylindre (‘Thirds of the wheel’) Orphelins (‘Orphans’) Neighbors Jeu zero (‘Zero game’) or Zero Spiel, aka ‘the German bet’
Explanation 17 numbers around 0 on the wheel, from 22 to 25 
minimum chips: 9 (2 street bets, 5 split bets and 2 corner bets)
12 numbers on the opposite of 0, between 27 and 33
minimum chips: 6 (6 split bets)
the eight numbers left between the above two series, i.e. 17-34-6 and 1-20-14-31-9
minimum chips: 5 (4 split bets and 1 straight up bet)
Five numbers in total: a chosen number and the neighboring four numbers, two on each side
minimum chips: you can pick
7 numbers around 0: 12-35-3-26-0-32-15, mini version of Voisins du zero
minimum chips: 4 (3 split and 1 straight-up bet)
Where to Place Bet on the ‘Voisins’ box on the inside of the Racetrack on the ‘Tier’ box on the inside of the Racetrack on the ‘Orphelins’ box on the inside of the Racetrack  on a number on the outside circuit of the Racetrack
select amount of neighbors on the right side of the Racetrack
on the ‘Zero’ box on the inside of the Racetrack
Probability Win 45.9% 32.4% 21.6% 13.5% 18.92%
Payout 24:1 17:1 Split 17:1
Straight 35:1
Varies Split 17:1
Straight 35:1
Bet Name
Final En Plein (Final bets) Finales A Cheval (Finals with Splits) Complete Bet
Explanation All numbers ending on a chosen number, i.e. 3-13-23-33 for 3 or 7-17-27 for 7
minimum chips: vary
  • all split number combinations ending on two chosen numbers
  • menu offers 10 options
minimum chips: 3-4 chips depending on pairing
  • Covers all the inside bets on a specific number
  • total of 30 or 40 bets/chips
  • classic high-roller bet
Where to Place Bet on the specific number box in the first grid of the Favorite & Special Bets menu on the specific split numbers box in the second grid of the Favorite & Special Bets menu on the specific number box in the third grid of the Favorite & Special Bets menu
Probability Win 45.9% 32.4% 21.6%
Varies 17:3 for 3-chip bet
17:4 for 4-chip bet
9.8:1 for straight up number

Mobile European Roulette

The game is available for play and bonus playthrough at both the mobile-friendly casino site and the Betway native app found on iTunes and Google Play Store. It is compatible on most smartphones and tablets, with equally smooth graphics and gameplay as the desktop version. Players can toggle between landscape and portrait view. The positioning of some menus is slightly different compared to the desktop casino, but still very intuitive. The main betting layout is expanded as a background on top of which the live stream window can be adjusted in size, moved around or expanded to full screen view. The Racetrack, Favorite & Special Bets menu and Statistics menu are all minimized but easily accessible. A convenient side menu gives you quick access to Lobby, Cashier, Chat and other game settings.

European Roulette Overview

Live European Roulette at Betway casino features Evolution Gaming’s premium live platform, including enhanced betting options and statistical views. Bets can be placed from the classic layout and Racetrack familiar from brick-and-mortar casinos, but also from multiple points in the menu, including Favorite & Special Bets, Statistics and Autoplay. Other table options also include branded Betway Roulette, VIP Roulette and Deutsches Roulette with a native German dealer, all featuring different betting limits favorable to both low and high rollers. Switch between different tables to enjoy diverse studio set-ups and highly sociable dealers, and you will soon come to understand the popularity of the game.

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