Live French Roulette - Play French Roulette OnlinePlaytech Version at bet365

Live French Roulette is a variation of the classic European-style roulette increasingly common on live gambling platforms. It features the same wheel characteristics and bets like the standard European roulette, but it has a slightly different betting layout with French designations of bets and includes the player-favorable La Partage rule that changes house edge and game odds considerably. You can play Live French Roulette at bet365 Live Casino powered by top gaming software company Playtech. The game has the lowest house edge of all roulette game types and this particular version by Playtech comes with a few different table options, rich statistics and several betting menus.

For bet365’s Live French Roulette top game features, play guide, live casino weekly cashback and mobile play, check below:

French Roulette Game Features

Playtech’s live games are streamed from two studio locations: Riga, Latvia and Manila, the Philippines. Part of bet365’s roulette games are streamed from the European studio, but all French-style roulette games come from the Manila studio. There are two identical tables named after gems, ‘Pearl’ and ‘Diamond’, and these are placed right next to each other in a spacious casino-floor room outfitted in deep plum and featuring very few background details. There is a third ‘Phoenix’ table with a native Mandarin speaker set in a completely different environment dominated by bright red and gold and with other native speakers hosting various game types at neighboring tables. The game menu, betting options and betting limits are exactly the same for all three tables.

Playtech’s Live French Roulette is very similar to their basic Live Roulette in terms of table set-up, game menu and statistics. In fact, the French tables are the same European roulette tables with exact same dealers, but they have a slightly different betting layout superimposed by the software on the actual roulette table. Bet names are displayed in French and the boxes for placing outside bets are positioned symmetrically on both sides of the number grid, instead of being clustered on the lower side of it facing the player. Another major difference is the lack of a Racetrack. Instead, players can place called and special wagers through the Announce Bets and Neighbors menus that can be accessed at the bottom of the window where Playtech normally positions their Racetrack icon, next to the Rebet button. There are additional wager opportunities, such as Finales a cheval that aren’t available on European tables. The most important feature of the game, however, is only ostensible through payouts: the additional La Partage rule that halves the house edge to 1.35%. We explain game rules and how to bet in the next section.

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Live French Roulette
Provider Playtech
Streamed from Playtech studio in Manila, the Philippines
Online Casino to Play at bet365
Special Features
  • French-style betting layout
  • no Racetrack
  • Announce Bets and Neighbors betting menus
  • Additional wagers, such as Finales a cheval
Game Rules
  • Standard European
  • La Partage rule which lowers house edge to 1.35%
Live Casino Bonus Playback Live Casino: 25% up to €50 cashback every Tuesday
Wagering Contribution N/A
Betting Limits €0.25-€25
Table Options
  • Pearl Roulette French (€0.25-€25)
  • Diamond Roulette French (€0.25-€25)
  • Phoenix Roulette French with native Chinese Mandarin dealer (€0.25-€25)
  • English speaking dealers from the Asian studio
  • native Chinese dealer for Phoenix Roulette French
Mobile Native App & In-Browser
  • 4 tables, including Roulette Lounge French (€0.25-€25)
Play French Roulette at bet365 Live Casino

How to Play French Roulette at bet365 Live Casino

To start, opt for one of the French tables in the bet365 live casino lobby. The lobby game icons display the last 12 numbers spun, a photo and name of the current dealer, table limits and the particular table designation, i.e. ‘Pearl’, ‘Diamond’, ‘Phoenix’ etc. The platform allows for dual play or multi game play with three games running simultaneously in one window, however, French roulette tables are only available for single play. Once you enter the game, the video feed of the dealer will appear on the top of the window and the betting layout at the lower half. The Chat panel is on the left and the Game Information panel is located on the right, with statistical information covering the last 500 results, including History, 9 Hot/Cold numbers, Wheel graphics with % of each number, and Numbers with the frequency of each of the 37 numbers.

You can select your chip value at the bottom of the screen. You can place inside and outside bets on the layout or directly on the table when the video feed is in full-size mode, and place bets you have already placed before through the My Bets menu option at the bottom and the Rebet button next to it. Called and special bets can be placed when you open the Announce Bets and Neighbor Bets menus whose icons are right next to the Rebet button, not instantly noticeable at first. At Announce Bets, you can place Tiers du cylindre, Orphelins en plein, Orphelins a cheval; Jeu 7/9 and Jeu 0; Finales en plein and Finales a cheval. At Neighbor bets, you can place neighbor and complete bets. Check out out table below for translation of French bet terms found on the main layout and the Announce Bets menu. Note that probabilities and odds are the same for European and French roulette and standard across live casinos.

Outside Bets: have English equivalent

French Bet
Manque Passe Pair Impair Tiers du cylindre Orphelins en plein
  • Designates 1-18
  • Literally translates as ‘failed’, as the spun number failed to pass 18
  • Designates 19-36
  • Literally translates as ‘passed’, because it passed the centerpoint
Even Odd ‘Thirds of the Wheel’ ‘Straight up Orphans’

La Partage Rule

The game’s greatest trademark is the so-called La Partage rule, French for ‘to share’. If the ball lands on zero, the gambler doesn’t forfeit their entire even-odds bets, i.e. low/high and red/black, as usual. Instead, the house returns half of the stake to the player straightaway and keeps the other half. This rule lowers the house edge of the game dramatically, down to 1.35%. It is worth mentioning that the rule only affects even-odds bets; it has no real impact on straight up or column bets.

bet365 Live Casino Cashback

There are currently no live casino bonuses at bet365 on offer. However, there is a special live casino rebate that includes all live games on the platform. Casino members can apply for 25% cashback every Tuesday with the so-called Playback Live Casino promotion. Rebates are up to up to €50, with minimum €20 loss. No wagering requirements are stated in the offer’s terms & conditions.

Mobile French Roulette

You can play the game via the downloadable bet365 Casino App or directly in-browser on the optimized site. For Android users, the app is only available to players from the UK, Ireland and France due to legislative restrictions. There are four French-style tables available, including Roulette Lounge French (€0.25-€25) which boasts more exquisite décor and has the exact same game features like the other available tables. The game is equally well presented on landscape and portrait mode, so players can rotate their screen based on preference and convenience. The screen is partially taken up by the betting layout and partially by the video feed which can be minimized and maximized but not moved around. 

One major difference with the desktop version is the presence of a Racetrack where players can place announced bets, including neighbor bets. Special bets can be placed in a separate menu accessible from the Racetrack menu that features Finales en Plein, Jeu 0 and Jeu 7/9, and Complete and Half-Complete Bets. One small disadvantage is that just getting to the Special Bets menu takes two extra clicks and you might end up rushing to place your bet before your time runs up. There is a Favorite Bets option for saving up to 5 bets. Statistics are more modest than in the desktop version; there are only two statistical tabs, one for the number of times each number has occurred and a wheel chart.

Game Overview

Play Live French roulette for the lowest house edge possible in that game category. Gamblers get more spins for their bankroll playing this version rather than any other out there. Playtech’s live platform at bet365 features up to four table options with diverse background set-ups and identical betting and statistical menus. You can enjoy the game on the go and clear fantastic welcome bonuses and weekly rebates. Playtech’s intuitive interface guarantees a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience any time anywhere.

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